Behind the scenes of sustainable excellence

3 hours


Experience biodiversity at Rémy Martin. With a past deeply rooted in the vineyards, Rémy Martin has always had a strong bond with the land.

In the open-air laboratories of the vineyards, the Rémy Martin teams are constantly searching for sustainable methods that help protect local biodiversity and preserve the quality of the finished product.

You’ll have the opportunity to see some of these for yourself as you walk through the bucolic vineyards of Grande Champagne.

The vineyards run through the valleys, snaking past the white stone villages. At Rémy Martin, walkers can experience a unique ecosystem: vines growing on white limestone soil, hedgerows, and wildflowers to attract birds and insects, wild grasses thriving on living soil, and much more.

Walking from plot to plot, you’ll stop for a break to taste our products between the trees and the vineyards. An inspiring visit, where visitors can leave a positive imprint.

On the agenda

  • Arrival at the historic Cognac distillery;
  • A visit to the historic cellars;
  • A guided walk-through Grande Champagne: a guide to the landscape and discovery of Rémy Martin’s vineyards in Saint-Preuil;
  • Tasting Tercet Cognac among the vines;
  • A walk in the vines at Juillac-le-Coq;
  • A tour of the vat room and distillery;
  • Tasting a signature cocktail in the Epicure lounge;
  • Back to Cognac, where you can discover our collection at the shop.


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