Between tradition and revival: experience Cognac differently

2 hours


The Francis Abécassis Estates invite you to share a unique experience. Visitors can follow a full tour of the family estate, followed by cocktail creations featuring exceptional spirits.

On the agenda

  • A presentation of the family estate and its history ;
  • Discover the age-old process behind the Cognac, from the vineyard to the glass, with a visit to the various cellars and installations we use to this day to craft our cognacs: the wine cellar, the distillery, the ageing cellar, the blending workshop and more;
  • Taste our three signature cognacs, developed at the estate: ABK6, Leyrat and Réviseur;
  • Discover the products made on the estate, from cognacs and Cognac liqueurs, with two cocktails that you can create in our fun mixology workshop;
  • Enjoy a flavour sensation with these two cocktails, with a light bite to accompany them.


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Places to go


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