Discover a living heritage, perpetuated by the people who go out of their way to offer outstanding products.

From winegrowers to coopers, distillers, skilled craftsmen, restaurateurs and mixologists, they are all driven by a shared set of high standards based on quality, authenticity and attention to detail.

This is what makes the Explore Cognac destination so special.

Top experiences

Mastery of woodcraft
Discover Cognac on the Île de Ré by bicycle
Uni Ré
The secrets of Cognac
A fun and friendly visit to Baume de Bouteville
Baume de Bouteville
Cask experience
Le Mary Lili
Welcome to the lands of Grande Champagne
Trott in Charente
Safari in the Bourgoin vineyard
The oak toar
Les Frères Moine
An exploration of the cocktail
Château Montifaud
Poetry in motion
Le Maine Giraud
Discover Cognac in mixology
Le Luciole
Between tradition and revival: experience Cognac differently
ABK6 Cognac
Initiation: “Everything you need to know about Cognac!”
At the heart of Dussé
Château Royal de Cognac
Behind the scenes of sustainable excellence
Rémy Martin
From farm to table...
La Ribaudière
From amber to light...
XO Evolution: ”Sensory experience celebrating Hennessy X.O Cognac”
The VIP Frapin Cognac tour
Master blender
Secrets from the cellar
Château Royal de Cognac
Panoramic Cognac-food pairing experience
Maison Boinaud
The Essence of Courvoisier
Visit Martell by night
Cellar Master Challenge
Maison Bache-Gabrielsen
Grapes and feelings
Cognac, or the art of a thousand aromas
Raison Personnelle
The amber escape
Les Frères Moine

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