Wine and spirits producers and all artisans working in the vineyards or ocean perform a very precise balancing act of the elements: whether they are winegrowers, merchants, restaurateurs, mussel farmers, oyster farmers or salt workers, they all draw on expertise passed down from one generation to the next.

Meet the passionate, talented people behind the production of high-quality products typical of the Charentes region.

From Cognac houses to winegrowing estates and distilleries, we craft local products that are sure to delight the taste buds!

Top experiences

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Maison Boinaud
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Poetry in motion
Le Maine Giraud
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ABK6 Cognac
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Château Royal de Cognac
Behind the scenes of sustainable excellence
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From amber to light...
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The VIP Frapin Cognac tour
Master blender
Secrets from the cellar
Château Royal de Cognac
Panoramic Cognac-food pairing experience
Maison Boinaud
The Essence of Courvoisier
Visit Martell by night
Cognac, or the art of a thousand aromas
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