My Cognac personality

Every day throughout the year. Closed Tuesday and Sunday. 2 sessions per day 5pm and 6pm.


Here, visitors can come and discover 350 Cognacs.

You’ll leave the bar with a good tasting profile, a better understanding of your taste, and the chance to visit the producer of your choice.

This is the region’s premier Cognac and cocktail bar, open since 2012.

Bar Louise has 45 years’ cumulated experience within the mixology team.

Their passion for Cognac is stoked by regular contact with producers to hone their knowledge. Germain Canto received the Cognac Educator label in 2015, and now runs tasting training sessions for teams.

Bar Louise is constantly innovating, developing new and innovative ways to share their passion for Cognac.

The internationally renowned Bar Louise offers the leading Cognac tasting and client experience.

On the agenda

  • You’ll meet a Cognac Educator and spend an hour with them, identifying your tastes and developing your aromatic profile.
  • You’ll be given the keys to the Cognac kingdom.


+33 7 80 91 50 04

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