The Cognac appellation is located on an outstanding terroir consisting of plains and gently rolling hills, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and crossed by the Charente River.

With an emphasis on ancient traditions and over four hundred years of the French way of life, Explore Cognac offers you the chance to meet producers face-to-face and discover unique, varied landscapes.

Top experiences

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Discover Cognac on the Île de Ré by bicycle
Uni Ré
A fun and friendly visit to Baume de Bouteville
Baume de Bouteville
The biodiversity trail
Maison Boinaud
Welcome to the lands of Grande Champagne
Trott in Charente
Safari in the Bourgoin vineyard
Between tradition and revival: experience Cognac differently
ABK6 Cognac
Behind the scenes of sustainable excellence
Rémy Martin
The VIP Frapin Cognac tour
The Essence of Courvoisier
Cognac, or the art of a thousand aromas
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