This summer, we’ll be criss-crossing France once again. Among the « made in France » nuggets to discover or rediscover: Cognac. Cognac is both a renowned
and consumed spirit the world over, but also a whole territory and universe
and a world to explore. Cognac houses, winegrowers and all the key players in the tourism industry are offering great places to get away from it all this spring.
Unique experiences await travellers at the heart of the know-how of the Cognac appellation and its terroir. “Explore Cognac”, an unexpected interlude
and out of time.

© BNIC / Aurélien Terrade


Cognac is not only a renowned spirit consumed the world over, but also an entire territory and a world to explore. Visit the heritage and landscapes of Charente, understand how the eau-de-vie is made, taste its aromatic diversity, meet the people behind its renown, discover its history, culture and heritage… So many reasons to come and explore this region, which is sure to surprise. There’s no need to cross the planet to experience it: 1h30 from Bordeaux by car and 3h15 from Paris by train, the Cognac appellation invites visitors to immerse themselves in its “culture”. Starting from the banks of the Charente, through the unspoilt nature of Ile d’Oléron and Ile de Ré, to the Dordogne and Deux-Sèvres, the Cognac houses and vineyards offer exceptional architecture and landscapes. Symbol of France and flagship of French gastronomy, Cognac draws its specific characteristics from the heart of its territory. A true ambassador of winegrowing expertise, the appellation prides itself on its attention to detail and beauty, qualitu: from the work tof the vine to the art of blending and cooperage, not forgetting double distillation and the Charentais still… A know-how of excellence, the symbol of an entire sector. The enthusiasm for Cognac as a destination is part of a real underlying trend: an interest in rediscovering heritage and a desire for “made in France”.


Explore Cognac is a collective program initiated by the Cognac interprofession, supported by a community of players commited to promoting their region, their know-how and their appellation. It showcases unique experiences linked to Cognac culture, created by the tourism industry. This program is in keeping with the emergence of this new type of tourism in search of meaning, authenticity and connection. Today’s travelers are looking to immerse themselves in local cultures, discover what makes them unique and experience unique and memorable moments: know-how, ecological and architectural heritage, gastronomy, places to live and, above all, encounters. Explore Cognac offers are therefore memorable and meaningful experiences for those who live them. They engage the senses, nourish the mind, stimulate the intellect and create bonds with passionate men and women who are commited to promoting this unique heritage. Travelers are invited to experience a unique sensory experience, meeting winegrowers, distillers, merchants, restaurateurs, hoteliers and other tourism operators who contribute to the reputation in France and aborad. Tailor-made experoences for all visitors who will become tomorrow’s true “ambassadors” of the region and the Cognac appellation.

© BNIC / Aurélien Terrade


Launched by the French government in 2015, the “destination contract” scheme seeks to unite French tourism stakeholders around shared goals. It offers prime visibility to major French destinations in a highly competitive context. The objective is to better mobilise all stakeholders by conducting clear and coherent strategic actions (promotion, offer, training, business intelligence) to attract new international visitors, better distribute the flow of tourists both spatially and temporally and create a return on investment in terms of income, investment and jobs.
A framework contract signed between Atout France, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Committee confirms support for seven brands in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region by establishing seven destination contracts, including Explore Cognac.


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