The Museum of art and history



The “musée d’art et d’histoire” houses a large range of art works dating from the late 13th century to the 20th century. The museum has also been enriched over time with objects and discoveries related to archeology and regional ethnology.

On the agenda

Located in the Dupuy-d-‘Angeac mansion, a family of merchants, the “musée d’art et d’histoire” offers a set of collections about the history of the region thanks to the collections of the families of merchants. The museum has an archaeological collection with an amazing Neolithic dugout, a remarkable set of paintings from Nothern Schools, a collection of decorative art objects, mainly the Art Nouveau style with some creations by Emile Gallé, and also important collection of Saintonge paintings.

This old mansion, built in the 19th century and listed in 1943, opens onto the beautiful public garden of the town hall. From 1925, the “muse d’art et d’histoire” moved into this elegant mansion of a cognac merchant of which the old-fashioned charm recalls the glorious days of the cognac, when itw as exported far beyond the borders, playing a part in the reputation of the eponymous city.


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