Maison Cognac Ordonneau


In the heart of the Borderies Crû, the smallest of the Cognac GI .
A 30 hectares family Cognac-estate – A family legacy, we are winemakers from father to son.
Today, the 4th generation has taken over, from the vine to the bottle

On the agenda

A passionate family!

It all began in 1915 when Samuel Ordonneau bought the Domaine de la Grolette. The property was a hunting reserve consisting of 28 acres of vines and the rest of land and forest. At the time, the forest took up more space than the vines.
In 1929 Jacques, son of Samuel, took over the property, developed it and planted vines.
Today it is his grandsons who run the estate dynamically.
They have made sure that production is more controlled in environmental terms and that distillation is modernised while respecting traditions.

Finally, special attention is paid to ageing with the regular renewal of casks and cuts from different years, in particular by using old stocks left by previous generations.


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