Léonard Pineau Cognac


Every day is a new day on a wine estate. Here, as elsewhere, our job as a winegrower and the work to be done is punctuated by the vagaries of the weather.

On the agenda

The winery dates back to 1941 with the acquisition of part of the vineyard by great-grandfather Marcel Léonard.
From a polyculture structure, the transformation resulted in a 100% wine-growing business. 1980, Jean-Pierre and Monique Léonard, assisted by their children, began to market the wine in bottles.

Today the production of Pineaux des Charentes and Cognacs Léonard, run by Jacky and Chantal Léonard and Thierry Hernandez represents 43 hectares of vines – Ugni-blanc and Colombard for the production of Cognac eaux de vie and white Pineau des Charentes; Merlot for the red Pineau des Charentes and Chardonay for the alcohol-free grape juice “Emotion de Bulles”.
All treatments are organic and biocontrol.
Distillation is carried out on site with a 25 hectolitre boiler. The Eaux de Vies and Pineaux are stored in the wine storehouses of the Gondeville estate.

The future? Going further along the path of biodiversity. This is in any case the roadmap that Thierry is following, representing the 4th generation of the Léonard family.


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