Cognac Pasquet


Sharing our passion with visitors from all horizons is one of our favorite pastimes. We host professionnel and private guests year-round in our vineyards, distillery, and cellars. A visit to our domain would not be complete without a tasting of our cognacs and fortified wines.

On the agenda

« The Story behind the Passion… »

We cannot claim to have the best terroir, but it is certainly has its own character, being situated on either side of the border between Grande and Petite Champagne. Since 1995, we have been using exclusively organic farming techniques in our vineyards. We have a common goal: offering a better future to our terroir by respecting the soil, ecosystem it supports, and our partners and clients, offering respect, honesty, and transparency in all that we are doing. It takes a lot of love to make a good cognac.


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