Cognac François Peyrot

On the agenda

How can we not evoke John the Baptist, our great-grandfather? A wine-grower, he started out in 1893 and was probably the one who forged this spirit for the love of the land and the vines.

It all really began in 1956 (the vineyard then covered 7 hectares) when our grandparents Jean and Mathilde started distilling and producing Cognac. Most of the Cognac was distributed to the region’s wine merchants. Little by little, the vineyard grew.

In 1970, our parents, François and Gisèle, decided to launch their own brand and sold their first bottle (a VSOP) in July 1971 under the name “Cognac François Peyrot”.

And it is proud of this “spirit” that we strive every day, accomplishing these same gestures, to give the best of our parents’ “know-how” so that “our cognac”, the fruit of so much love, hard work and perseverance, will endure.


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