Cognac Drouet


This artisanal, family-run property in the heart of the 1st growth area, covers 45 hect. of vines, cultivated with the greatest respect for the land. Patrick Drouet unites tradition and modernity with a range of expressive cognacs and unique Pineaux.

On the agenda

A mere 15 minutes from Cognac, the Drouet family property lies in the first growth area, Grande Champagne. This 45 hect. property was acquired over several generations through hard work and determination, something the current owner, Patrick Drouet, is not ready to forget. His respect for and knowledge of the land, a savoir-faire passed down from his ancestors and his new and innovative ideas make for superb cognacs and Pineaux. Made with precision and passion, Patrick’s products have won many medals for their quality. Cognac Drouet invites you to discover their distillery with its rare 10hl copper pot stills, their warehouse filled with ageing barrels of cognac, their range of white and red Pineaux, their “Small Batch” creative spirit drinks and their range of traditional cognacs, 100% Grande Champagne.
Cognac Drouet also proposes, during the summer months, an outing to the Grand Champagne on electric bikes followed by a delicious picnic of local products in the middle of their vineyards.


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